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I love this app!!!

Extraordinary application coming from extraordinary effort!

This application is the perfect example of an evolving mitzvah. While it has been plagued with occasional bugs, the letter has more to do with the programmers effort to make it an all encompassing application than a lack of resources to fix it. If you want to study the Chumash and need interlinear translation or desire to embed any of the great commentators while you are reading it, then this is your application. The good news is that this suite of applications does not stop here, but continues on to the rest of the OT followed by the Mishnah. Check the source of this review, I used to be a much harsher critic of the programmers, but now own this application going on for years. IMHO, this is the best application of its kind.

Great app, needs a better design.

Great and convenient app. Just needs parallel translation, current design can get a bit confusing.

Crashes on launch

This was a great product but it started crashing on launch in recent days.

I Torah Lacks Support

I have been trying to reach the developer of this program for months and they have not responded. I wonder if they are out of business. The Itorah app crashes and does not open


I would rate it also one star (only because I am uncertain if zero stars is an option) as it crashes every time I attempt to use it.


Won't open. It was great until a few weeks ago. I tried to report the problem to the developer, and I got no response. Please fix this! I miss the learning


I bought this app and it crashes every time. Hoping for a new version soon.


I have not been able to open the app since the last update. Please fix ASAP!


Was working splendidly until about a week and a half ago. Now will not open.


I cannot open! Immediately crashes every time! No one to complain to except here! Appears from other reviews that it is not just my iPad.

Must purchase separate for IPhone and IPad

I would rate this a 100, however even though it is very much worth the price - to have to buy it twice so that I can have access on my IPhone and IPad is wrong. I purchased on phone first not realizing that you had to purchase separate for pad. My mistake, but very few make you purchase twice. One of the features I love is that my phone becomes a take and go of my pad. almost all of my apps auto sync between the two - this should do the same.

Needs Improvement

Not as slick as the screenshots make it appear to be. Not worth this price. - The 'About' tab does not work. - There is no Help button - Cannot swipe to turn pages, but must use arrow keys at bottom - Cannot display multiple text boxes as advertised - Download tab is not explained - Cannot change font color from pale brown - When displaying Hebrew and English, the sync only works when you scroll the Hebrew, and not when you scroll the English - All commentaries are in Hebrew. No English commentary. - Two places to change view settings not user friendly arrangement - Not a separate Maps area, but shows on every page if you turn on maps

Excellent App

Excellent app until update. Now sadly unusable. Ever since iOS 6.0 update on iPad2, the app crashes immediately every time on startup. Recent update to iOS 6.0.1 hasn't helped. It's been broken for a long time now - hence the feedback. Deleting and reinstalling doesn't help. I would have otherwise given this app 4 stars and say, though a bit expensive, it was the best app of its kind I have been able to find when it worked. In short, I would like it working again soon if possible. I've had to rediscover the 20th century wisdom for my studies that, actual books don't crash. Please fix, after which I'll happily raise my rating promptly. I also use iNach, iTalmud, iMishna, (all HD for iPad) from the same publisher. They are all great personal resources that are often handy stuffed in such a tiny platform, These other apps seem to have all received updates for iOS 6 and now work flawlessly.


As soon as it is fixed I promise I'll give it a better rating crashes on load up, splash screen shows but crashes after that even after re install. This app has a lot of great potential I believe.

Very Slow, Crashes, and there are much better apps

iTorah is usable, and works well, that is if you like waiting. Any time you change any setting, you wait about 30 seconds for the screen to load. Moreover, every application made by this company is unstable and crashes with great frequency. For the money you pay for this app, one should expect a stable and solid program. This is not. I recommend downloading the program ובלכתך בדרך, which is fast, smooth, has all this app has to offer, and much more, and it's free!


Thank you for finally making available a Torah that has English as well as Hebrew. I'm not proficient in Hebrew, though I'm learning, so having the English available helps a lot. I'm only just discovering all this app has to offer, but so far, I'm quite impressed.

Finally, an iPad Tikkun

I am enjoying working with the first iPad Tikkun, an app that can show both Torah text with te'amim and a STaM font. I wish that you could toggle the versions rather than always having them both on the screen together. However, the Hebrew text with vowels is the messy, mediocre version I've seen on some other apps. I mean, take a look at the first word of Parshat Naso. What's that blob next to the revi'a? Hello!?! The Davka text is much better and cleaner, with better handling of trope positions. Speaking of Naso, for some reason this expensive app has decided that the current parsha of the week is Naso. By my luach, this is a week early. Oops!

ITorah-iPad Edition

This app appears good if you can translate Hebrew. There is no English commentary. For those of us who want to study it is not very helpful. It will be handy to keep up with the daily parasha but not at all for studying it.

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